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  • E0027 The Old Man and The River
    The parable of the Old Man and the River tells us it isn't now deep the water is, but how swift the water flows when it comes to looking at pop culture.  There's magic in how crystal clear those swift waters flow.   Join us for a review of the theories underpining the value of […]
  • Implausipod E0026 – Silicon Dreams
    Silicon Dreams are those glittering visions of mythic intensity that inspire the continued development of revolutionary technologies.  Listen to this episode of the Implausipod to learn more about where they come from, and how the mythic imagination has been behind the development of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and other tech innovations.Contact the show at drimplausible […]
  • Implausipod E0025 – Echanger
    Echanger – a French verb meaning to trade, to replace, or to swap, is a metaprocess of translation, that covers three main factors contributing to technological unemployment – automation, virtualization, and agentrification, the replacement of workers with generative AI tools.  Join us for our introduction and overview of the concept of echanger, in the third […]
  • E0024 The 15th Doctor – Xmas 2023
    In our final episode on the 2023 Dr Who specials, we take a look at the 2023 Christmas Special and the introduction of the 15th Doctor as played by Ncuti Gatwa.  We'll take a quick take at some of the larger themes of the show, and how it connects with the past and the (possible) […]
  • Grats 2023
    Not quite a full Festivus message, just a few quick tidings of joy and a message of gratitude here as 2023 draws to a close.  All the best to you and your loved ones, and we'll chat again soon.Support the show
  • Implausipod E0023 – The Giggles
    Join us for the final of our three episodes on the 2023 Season of Specials for Dr Who, with the return of familiar nemesis (both within the show and to yours truly as well) and the introduction of the 15th Doctor through an unique turn of events.  We're joined by our guest Dr. Aiden Buckland […]
  • Implausipod E0022 – Wild Blue Yonder
    While I can't say I'm a sci-fi fan who hasn't scene Doctor Who any longer, my experience is still on the lower end of the scale, so we'll bring back our friend and guest Dr Aiden Buckland an academic and Dr Who fan to help guide us through some of the intricacies of the "Wild […]
  • Implausipod E0021 – Postcard From Earth
    We continue with part two of our three part look at The Sphere  in Las Vegas, this time with a review of the film on the "screen", Darren Aronofsky's "Postcard From Earth".  We look closer at whether the film can be separated from the theatre, and if Postcard, and the experience at the Sphere approaches […]
  • Implausipod E0020 – The Sphere Before and After
    In the first of episode of a two-parter, we visit The Sphere, in Las Vegas Nevada with a before and after personal reflection of my first encounter with the site, and how my expectations meshed with the reality of the experience.  We ponder the site both inside and out, and whether The Sphere is the […]