Factory Re-set

Whoof! That took a lot out of my system.

Was hit with a bout of food poisoning on Tuesday evening. It’s now Sunday morning, and I’m feeling almost back to normal, though still taking it very gently on the diet. After losing everything in the system between 9pm Tuesday and 2am Wednesday, I finally had a bit of oatmeal on Thursday, followed by potatoes, and finally a bit of chicken on Friday night.

Since then, portion sizes have been very small (and bland; a visit to Flavortown is not in my near future), there’s been no caffeine, low salt, and almost no processed food. (The salt crackers count as processed, technically.) Nor dairy, fruits, or veggies.

I’ll add those last three back in, but I’m taking the reset as an opportunity to make some diet changes. More on the journey, in little bits and pieces as we go.


Calgary, looking westward from Centre Street N, at dawn.

I’ve heard rumours that Calgary is an ugly city, but I’ve never known that to be the case. There’s an incredible amount of natural beauty here, sometimes just around the corner. I’ve lived here for quite a while, and I’m still discovering sights I’ve never seen. Like the clouds at sunrise, pictured above.

Given the cloud cover, only a few of the rocky mountains are visible in the image above (have a look at the horizon line, you’ll see them), but even so the bubblegum colours of the sunrise are magnificent. The (nearly) full moon is still there too, right in the centre of the shot.

Just a beautiful sky. Thought I’d share. Enjoy!


One thing I’ve been noticing with the commitment to regular classes, in this case Photography, is that my skill is rapidly improving. I can see the different every week, and my eye is getting more trained and critical of the images I’ve taken.

The assignment this week is on composition, on how to build the photograph, through the particular choices that the photographer makes on what to include or exclude from the frame.

And this idea of composition with respect to photos is new to me.

I mean, I guess I kinda knew, that the cinematographer decides what to frame, and that each one could be a painting, but I hadn’t spent a lot of time putting it into practice.

Now, I know a little bit about what to do, but my skills are somewhat lacking. I find I’m a little shaky on the camera, and can find seeing through the viewfinder challenging too. I know of someone who takes amazing photos, and they’re almost as new to it as me.

But the practice is helping me get better. And the assignments are forcing some consistency as well.

The pic above was my favorite from the class this last week.

Emergency plumbing

Discovered a leak under the kitchen sink during the pre-dinner prep that required rather immediate attention.

Tools were available, plus replacement parts bought maybe 10 years ago by accident. Maria Kondo might tell you to rid your house of the stuff that doesn’t bring you joy, but lemme tell you having the replacement part on hand during a -20 winter night is most joyous.

Anyhoo, problem averted. Late dinner. No pics, evening mostly derailed. Ciao.


Tera 5100E Handheld Scanner

Something amazing arrived through the middle of the snowstorm this week!

I was told something was going to show up Wednesday, and it did. I had a sneaking suspiscion of what it might be, but this wasn’t confirmed until I actually opened the package…

…which contained the pew-pew laser gun, pictured above.

And I was thrilled!

It was something I thought about grabbing maybe 15 years ago, maybe more, back when the free CueCat was a thing. (I’ll let anyone reading search that story on the web). Of course, the tech has improved since then, and the current one integrates pretty seamlessly with some of the web apps, so it might finally be possible to get a full catalog for

I’m excited!

(And a massive thank you to the sender, if they’re reading this blog. Sending something like this, personal and perfect, shows so much. Thank you. 🙂