Implausipod on Youtube

With Google shifting its podcasts from Google Podcasts (which is now shut down) over to YouTube, I’ve had to take some time and make sure we were up-to-date on the old episodes as I was shifting them over.

You can find the channel here under the podcasts tab: Implausipod on YouTube. I’ll update that in a few days.

As of 2024-07-19, I’m waiting to post the next episode (34!) before making this one fully live, so there is some new content with it. More to come!

An archive of positivity

Been thinking about this one for a few days*, so I created a page to collect links to stories about positive use cases for AI. I feel like this will be an evergreen document, and something I can refer back to in the future, as well as send a link to someone who denies the existence of potential positive impacts of AI.

Yes, there are some risks, and there is the potential that some of the stories are simply marketing. Part of the challenge will be sifting the hype-rbole from the actual positive uses. And of course, there are more stories out there than I can ever find, so if you come across this blog post in the future, feel free to send me any examples you find.

*: Maybe more than a few; it has kinda been lingering since I did the AI Reflections episode almost a year ago, last August.

I would like to subscribe to your newsletter

That’s fantastic!

You can find the link right here. Also, we’ve gotten the first newsletter out. This is titled “March”, and obviously it’s out on April 10th. The plan for this is to be somewhat monthly, near the midpoint of each month. “Fortnightly” seems somewhat ambitious at this point in time; let’s see how it goes.

It’ll feature some current readings and content, as well as one or two exclusive comments that I haven’t posted elsewhere. It’ll change over time, or reflect whatever is currently being focused on.

Feel free to share and spread the word.

Remote work

Couple quick bullet points today, as we return to semi-regular blogging:

(Nothing like an eclipse to shake things up.)

  • Working on a monthly newsletter to keep things up to date. This will be hosted here, not on substack or elsewhere.
  • Along with that will be a bit of a refresh on the site contents, with a focus more on pages than the blog roll.
  • Warhammer content will mostly be moving to
  • And more original artwork too.

More soon. 😁👍

Factory Re-set

Whoof! That took a lot out of my system.

Was hit with a bout of food poisoning on Tuesday evening. It’s now Sunday morning, and I’m feeling almost back to normal, though still taking it very gently on the diet. After losing everything in the system between 9pm Tuesday and 2am Wednesday, I finally had a bit of oatmeal on Thursday, followed by potatoes, and finally a bit of chicken on Friday night.

Since then, portion sizes have been very small (and bland; a visit to Flavortown is not in my near future), there’s been no caffeine, low salt, and almost no processed food. (The salt crackers count as processed, technically.) Nor dairy, fruits, or veggies.

I’ll add those last three back in, but I’m taking the reset as an opportunity to make some diet changes. More on the journey, in little bits and pieces as we go.